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Our wide range of Herbal Health Products cures different diseases and health disorders. These can provide relief to the users without any kind of side affect. We offer Body Care Products, Move And Run Pain Relief Ointment, Herbal Kabzo Care Churan, Skin Care Products, Face Care Products, Herbal Medicine, Hair Care Products, Cold Rub, Herbal Prickly Heat Powder, Herbal Sex Capsules, Penis Massage Oil, Pain Relief Oil and Nasal Cold Inhaler and Products of Therapeutic Use.

Our Products of Skin Care are :
  • Angel Tuch Skin Soft (Rose)
  • Angel Tuch Skin Soft (Lemon)
  • Angel Tuch Pimplecure Cream (Acne Cream)
  • Angel Tuch Anti-Marks Fairness Cream
  • Angel Tuch Fair & Handsome (Fairness Cream for Men)
  • Angel Tuch Marknil Cream (for Blemishes)
  • Angel Tuch Neem Face - Wash
  • Angel Tuch Facial Scrub
  • Angel Tuch Face - Pack
  • Angel Tuch Lip Balm (in six different flavlors)

Products of Hair Care :
  • Angel Tuch Herbal Shampoo (with Alovera & Amla)
  • Angel Tuch Folic Grow Hair Oil (with Amla and Brahmi)

Products of Body Care :
  • Angel Tuch Modelling Lotion (Fat dissolving lotion)
  • Angel Tuch Flora Cool In timate (Prickly Heat Powder)
  • Angel Tuch Flora Cool Regular (Prickly Heat Powder)
  • Angel Tuch B - Large (Breast Firming Cream)

Products of Personal Care :
  • Saptrishi Vicks Inhaler
  • Saptrishi Vaporub
  • Saptrishi Corn Hit (Corn Caps)

Products of Therapeutic Use :
  • Swar Sudha Cough Syrup (Promises sound sleep)
  • Tulsi Cough Syrup (With Honey and Tulsi extract)
  • Rishi Liv (Liver Tonic)
  • Saptvit Syrup (Body Tonic for Adults)
  • Divya Shakti Syrup (Body Tonic for all ages)
  • Rishi Zyme (Digestive Syrup – a sure shot relief from gastric trouble, indigestion within half hour)
  • Ritu Mati (Uterine Tonic for women)
  • Saptvit Capsules (Food Supplements for Adults)
  • Kabzcure Churan (natural herbal Purgative)
  • Ritu - Forte Capsules (For Women- Menstrual Regulators)
  • Harry - Gold Royale Capsules (For Men – Sex Stimulators)

We are one of the leading Herbal Hair Shampoo, Ayurvedic Prickly Heat Powder and Neem Face Wash Manufacturers & Suppliers, catering effective and safe Herbal Health Products. We also manufacture / finish products for other brands, as per the requirements of the clients. We assure on time delivery of consignments.

Face Care Products

We are among the prominent names in providing the clients with the best Face Care Products. The Face Care Products, which we offer, are made from fresh herbal extracts. We offer a wide range of Face Care Products to the valued clients. Our broad array of Face Care Products encompasses Anti Acne Cream, Angel Tuch Anti-Marks Fairness Cream, etc.


  • Face Wash
    We are engaged in providing the best Face Wash to the clients. Our Face Wash is made from pure and natural herbal ingredients, which help in providing flawless and glowing skin. We have a range of Face Wash available. Our wide assortment includes Angel Tuch Almond Face Wash, Angel Tuch Aloe Vera

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    Face Wash

  • Angel Tuch Pimple Cure Cream

    Type : Anti Pimple Cream

    Use : Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin Care

    Certification : ISO Certified

    Application : Parlour, Personal, Saloon

    Shelf Life : 18months, 3months

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    Angel Tuch Pimple Cure Cream

  • Angel Tuch Anti-Marks Fairness Cream
    We offer Angel Tuch Anti-Marks Fairness Cream. The cream is formulated with natural and pure ayurvedic ingredients. It has herbal extracts like soy proteins and wheat germ. Our cream is safe and gentle to use. It lightens up the face in a natural way.

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    Angel Tuch Anti-Marks Fairness Cream

  • Face Pack

    Type : Face Pack

    Use : Parlour, Personal

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Color : White

    Feature : Fighting Acne, Fresh Feeling, Gives Glowing Skin

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    Face Pack

  • Angel Tuch Facial Scrub

    Type : Facial Scrub

    Use : Parlour, Personal

    Color : White

    Packaging : Paper Box, Plastic Box

    Form : Paste

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    Angel Tuch Facial Scrub

Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products that we offer are well tested and therefore, are the perfect option on which buyers can easily rely. The name of our company surfaces prominently among the trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers of Skin Care Products.

  • Fros Toe Cream

    Type : Cream

    Usage : Personal

    Features : Organic

    Packaging Type : Bottel

    Weight : 30 ml x 4

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    Fros Toe Cream

  • Angel Tuch Herbal Lip Balm

    Type : Lip Balm

    Use : Lip Moisturizer

    Certification : FSSAI

    Shelf Life : 1year

    Color : White

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    Angel Tuch Herbal Lip Balm

  • Herbal Skin Moisturizer
    We promise to give you a glowing skin in the safest and natural way. Our Herbal Skin Moisturizer balances the moisture of the skin and helps lock the moisture. The Herbal Skin Moisturizer is processed from natural ingredients to ensure that pure and impurity free skin moisturizer reaches the

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    Herbal Skin Moisturizer

  • Angel Tuch Premium Rose Water

    Type : Rose Water

    Use : Facial Cleanser, Fregnence, Health Care, Skin Care

    Color : Pink

    Feature : Bacteria Free, No Side Effects, Refereshing Aroma

    Packaging : Plastic Bottle

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    Angel Tuch Premium Rose Water

  • Angel Tuch Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream

    Type : Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream

    Use : Home, Parlour

    Shelf Life : 1year

    Color : Light Green

    Packaging : Plastic Box

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    Angel Tuch Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream

Body Care Products

The clients can avail a wide range of Body Care Products from us. The wide range of Body Care Products includes Angel Tuch Baby Nappy Rash Cream, B-Large Breast Firming Cream, Angel Tuch Modeling Lotion, Herbal Heel Crack Cream,. The Body Care Products, which we offer, are formulated from fresh herbal extracts. Zero side-effects, best and quick results, are some of the features that define our range of Body Care Products. We provide the Body Care Products at the market leading prices.


Saptrishi Pain Relief Massage Oil

Saptrishi Pain Relief Massage Oil that we offer is formulated using natural herbs under the strict vigilance of experts. We are named among the renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers of Saptrishi Pain Relief Massage Oil. Prior to its final dispatch, etc.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine has gained a lot of prominence owing to their natural ingredients. We have created the Herbal Medicine from fresh herbal ingredients. We offer a wide range of Herbal Medicine, which is helpful in curing different ailments. Our range encompasses Herbal Cough Syrup, Rishi Zyme Digestive Enzyme Syrup, Divya Shakti Health Tonic, Rishi Liv Herbal Liver Tonic and Ritu Mati Herbal Uterine Tonic, Harry Gold Royale Herbal Capsules for men, Ritu Forte Herbal Menstrual Pain Relief Capsules, Saptrishi Balm. The Herbal Medicines are having certain therapeutic properties, which help in natural and quick healing.


Hair Care Products

Hair is the confidence builder for any person. A person, who has healthy hair, is more confident than a person with unhealthy and less hair. Hair loss is a common problem these days. And it is always advisable to find a natural solution to the problem of hair loss. Our range of herbal Hair Care Products includes Angel Tuch Follic Grow Herbal Hair Oil and Angel Tuch Herbal Shampoo.


Other Products

  • Saptrishi Cold Rub

    Weight : 12*25g

    Packaging Size : 36 Pcs

    Packaging Type : Box

    Dose Weight : 5gm

    Usage : Personal

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    Saptrishi Cold Rub

  • Saptrishi Cold Inhaler

    Type : Inhalers

    Material : PVC

    Application : Asthma, Bronchitis, Copd

    Color : Multi Colour

    Feature : Compositional Accuracy, Anti Bacterial, Enhanced Shelf Life

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    Saptrishi Cold Inhaler

  • Herbal Kabzo Care Churan

    Composition : Ashwagandha Leaves, Fruits, Seeds And Various Roots

    Packaging Size : 100 Gm

    Packaging Type : Bottle

    Dosage : Between (300 - 1000) Mg Per Day

    Storage Conditions : Keep In Cool And Dry Place

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    Herbal Kabzo Care Churan

  • Harry Gold Royale Massage Oil for Men
    Saptrishi’s Harry Gold Royale Massage Oil for Men is suggested for Erectile dysfunction in men. It increases blood circulation, strengthens muscles, veins and nerves to regain proper Erection. Used for massage of the male organ (penis).It is the inability to perform sexual activity and disorder

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    Harry Gold Royale Massage Oil for Men

  • Flora Cool Prickly Heat Powder

    Weight (Gram) : 150 Gram

    Usage : Personal,parlour

    Fragrance : Cool Thanda

    Form : Powder

    Features : Skin-friendly, Safe packaging, Safe to use

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    Flora Cool Prickly Heat Powder

  • Angel Tuch Anti Wrinkle Cream

    Type : Anti Wrinkle Cream

    Use : Anti Wrinkle Cream

    Certification : ISO Certified

    Application : Home, Parlour, Personal, Saloon

    Shelf Life : 18months

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    Angel Tuch Anti Wrinkle Cream

  • Saptrishi Mouth Ulcer Gel

    Usage : Personal

    Product Type : Finished Product

    Packaging size : 10 Grams

    Packaging Type : Tube

    Dose : Once Every Three Hours

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    Saptrishi Mouth Ulcer Gel